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Welcome to Clumsy Crow Baking

Clumsy Crow Baking turns a variety of local grains into artisan breads, hand-shaped bagels and soft German pretzels.
The breads are naturally leavened and baked on hot stone for a great flavor and crust. The bagels are hand-rolled, boiled and baked on the hearth. The pretzels are authentic and a thrill to eat.
I’m currently selling my products  by prior arrangement at Saturday morning popups in my Derby Street driveway. The Wednesday or Thursday before, I announce the upcoming bake in an  email and sometimes on Facebook and Instagram. Customers reserve their product by email, usually in response to my announcement. Payment is by the @clumsycrowbaking Venmo account or on with cash on the honor system. Customers on the Clumsy Crow mailing list get first notice, so you might want to let me know your address in an email. 

Our Breads

Batards, Boules and Miches $6, $8

Sourdough – white, naturally leavened loaf

Country – 10 percent or so fresh-milled whole grain

Levain – 30 percent whole grain

Walnut – roasted walnuts added

Walnut-Fig – roasted walnuts and chopped figs added

Potato – baked or roasted potato added

Whole wheat – 100 percent fresh-milled whole grain

Freshly milled grains include landrace wheat, kamut, spelt and rye

Bagels $2 each, 6/$10

Plain, sourdough, salt, poppy, sesame, garlic, onion, cinnamon-raisin, whole wheat, kamut, rye

Pretzels $3 each

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