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Welcome to Clumsy Crow Baking

The Palouse region of eastern Washington has some of the most prolific farmland in the world, yet almost all its wheat is shipped overseas. Clumsy Crow Baking turns a variety of local grains into artisan breads, hand-shaped bagels and soft German pretzels.
The breads are naturally leavened, fermented overnight and baked in a tiled oven for a great flavor and crust. The bagels are hand-rolled, boiled and baked on the hearth. The pretzels are authentic and, to judge from repeated observation, a thrill to eat.
You can get my products by special order or through subscription. Based on the Community Supported Baking model, subscriptions give customers a loaf a week for five weeks. Warm loaves are ready in the morning or evening. Cost is $30, due on first pickup.
I also take custom orders for various breads. Batards are $6, boules are $8 and the dense, seed-packed Danish rye, or rugbrød, is $10. Bagels and pretzels are $15/dozen. Please give 48 hours notice.
To subscribe, place an order or receive news from the baker, send a message via email, Facebook or Instagram. If the subscriptions fill up, I’ll put you on the waiting list.

Our Breads


Batards, Boules and Miches

Sourdough – white, naturally leavened loaf

Country – 10 percent or so fresh-milled whole grain

Levain – 30 percent whole grain

Walnut – roasted walnuts added

Walnut-Fig – roasted walnuts and chopped figs added

Potato – baked or roasted potato added

Whole wheat – 100 percent fresh-milled whole grain

Freshly milled grains include landrace wheat, kamut, spelt and rye



Plain, sourdough, salt, poppy, sesame, garlic, onion, cinnamon-raisin, whole wheat, kamut, rye



Twists and knots to order



Classic French loaf enriched with butter and egg


Twice-baked brioche

Sliced brioche baked with frangipane and almond topping


Danish rye “rugbrød”

Dense, whole-grain loaf made with dark beer, buttermilk, sesame, flax, pumpkin and sunflower seeds


Danish kransekage tower

Iced and stacked rings of baked almond paste




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